Believe it or not, Primark High Summer points ways

A few days ago we present the Primark bathroom collection for this new Spring-Summer 2016 season. Today it's time to talk about your ready-to-wear collection, so that going outside with style does not represent a big money. And believe it or not, the firm puts the batteries and creates fabulous looks where the design takes first and foremost to make us the most stylish of the place. Here is your high summer campaign.

You are going to fall in love

How do you want to dress your summer days? Whatever the answer, here you will find something (for sure!). From an open jacket with boho chic reminiscences, through deflected jeans and ending with the best long dresses of the season.

In plain and basic colors or in flashy prints, all the proposals of this year are full of an I don't know what makes them special. Now we just need to find them in store, a task a little more complicated than usual ... Will we end up finding what we are looking for?

At the moment, the firm shows us its entire campaign. What do you think of the final result?

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