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This is what the $ 12,000 jacket that Hillary Clinton wore while talking about inequality looks like in the parade

We are facing the possibility that, for the first time in history, a woman will reach the Presidency of the United States. This is Hillary Clinton, who is news today not for her campaign speeches, but because precisely in one of them last April, talking about equality in the world, the presidential candidate wore a jacket of more than 12,000 euros. Hillary "has been caught" and the scandal is already mounted in the United States!

Hillary Clinton He opted last April for a jacket of his style, classic and serious, which at the beginning was a style more like any other, although it is true that all sign support Clinton since she became favorite as President. But today, through the social networks of American accounts, the price of the jacket in question has been revealed, which has caused an important stir.

And is that the pledge of tweed in garnet tones signed by Giorgio Armani from the Spring-Summer 2016 collection, it costs nothing more and nothing less than at 12,249 euros. An exorbitant price and an unfortunate election when the aspiring President speaks of equality in the world in all her speeches. Surely the fault is not her directly, since I suppose she will not know the price of the garments of her different outfits, and the mistake starts from his stylist. In one or the other the choice is a very serious failure.

Hillary's jacket is worth almost as much as the annual salary of one minimum wage worker //

- Shawn Langlois (@slangwise) June 6, 2016

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