Refresh and moisturize your face with the new cactus and ginseng mist from Kiehl's

One of my fetish products in summer are the facial mists: they help you cope better with heat, they cool you, they clamor your skin and in the process they help you fix your makeup. Kiehl's 'Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist' It is the latest novelty of the brand and promises to become one of its star products for everything it offers.

This haze It can be used after cleaning the skin to relieve and enhance hydration, as a final touch to leave the skin looking fresh and healthy or throughout the day to refresh and revitalize the face.

Its formula could not be more striking: it contains cactus flower, a desert plant known for its resistance in extreme desert conditions as it blooms during times of drought and is known for its ability to improve hydration, softness, smoothness and overall skin appearance.

Also owns Tibetan ginseng root, an ingredient that according to the brand has shown to improve the luminosity of the skin. At the moment I have not tried it but it attracts a lot of attention ... I just have to check if he doesn't have alcohol to definitely decide, since I prefer to avoid it because of my sensitive skin.

This product is already available at a price of 16 euros / 75ml, or 26 euros / 125ml.

Have any of you tried it? Do you usually use facial mists?

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