Shay Mitchell stars in one of the changes of looks more wow! of the moment

Look changes Celebrities are the order of the day, although of course, some are more radical than others. And is that the last one that has starred Shay mitchelle in the iHeart Radio Awards that were held last night in Los Angeles and that has left us totally speechless, although we already warn you, that it has a trickā€¦

And is that Shay has walked the red carpet wearing a long bob platinum blonde, a look very far from her hair of a dark, chocolate, habitual brown, although it is not the first time we see her as a blonde.

Of course, and she herself recognizes that it is a wig, which also has no impact because it really is a very radical change that leaves us speechless. Of course, know that Shay has already shown us that change in his Instagram account this week talking about his "alter ego, Svetlana" with which we are stunned. We will see what surprises us.

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