Pandora also adds to the passion for 'Dumbo' and turns the sweetest elephant into charms

Disney's cutest elephant is wreaking havoc in the fashion world, and that with its history, its cast and its giant ears, who can resist Dumbo? It has not been done by Primark and neither has Pandora, who has returned to collaborate with the distributor to throw two charms movie specials. So, if yours with Dumbo It is obsession now you can always carry it with you on your bracelet. Which of the two will be chosen?

This is not the first time that Pandora and Disney work hand in hand, but their previous collection triumphed so much that they have not been slow to repeat. For the line of Dumbo, the jewelery firm has launched two charms: the first of them is the figure of the elephant, with two zircons and in sterling silver. The best? The giant ears are movable, a detail that we have fallen in love with. Its price is 59 euros and although it is already sold out, they will replace it soon.

The second charm presents the protagonist and Mrs. Jumbo entwined with their tubes, being the most delicate and sweet Mother's Day gift. In addition, on the opposite side it has the phrase "My precious love", to further sweeten this detail. The ornament is made with sterling silver and hand painted, priced at 49 euros. Will you combine them together or take them separately?