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Ivanka Trump knows that you have to combine the color black with more vivid ones and if not look at her dress perfect for spring

The new season is already with us, although the weather is still a bit irregular and not very stable, it must be recognized that the stores are full of new collection garments. The theme of seasonal colors is already quite late, but it is true that there are some tones that invite us more than others and he total black with summer temperatures it costs us a little more. But nothing better than to give life to a look of these characteristics than combining it with other more vibrant colors as it has done Ivanka Trump.

The daughter of Donald Trump He has attended a meeting at the White House in which he wore a noteworthy look. Michael Kors He has been in charge of making this dress, simple, but super elegant. The silhouette is very simple from the top and on the skirt there is a kind of tulip that breaks with the black, in tile and cream tones, that work perfectly. He has completed it with very simple black rooms that can be converted into any wardrobe. If you have any event or celebration and you planned to wear a black design, do not hesitate to combine it with other more spring colors. By the way, the dress is already sold out in Bergdorf Goodman.

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