The highlights of the wedding guests Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos

Today, June 15 we are leaving wedding, but not one more, but it will be one of the biggest of this season since it is the one of Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos. Today Seville dresses up with a large number of attendees where we go to see the guest highlights that we will see next.

We start with Alejandra Moral, the wife of Jesús Navas that has worn a top knot with ideal bangs and long loose strands. A different hairstyle for this type of event with which he has succeeded completely.

Susan Sabol, the wife of Joaquín Sánchez, He bet like many other guests, for a loose mane, tilted, with marked waves. Undoubtedly, a very helpful hairstyle for a wedding and with which you always get it right.

Another one that has chosen a high bun has been Macarena Rodríguez, woman of Lucas Vázquez, who chose yellow as a dress, forming an ideal look.

More loose hair we had those of Vanja Bosnic, wife of Luka Modric, smooth but with a lot of movement, with a line in the middle.

For its part, Mateo Kovacic's wife, Izabel Andrijanic, He also opted for the loose mane with a middle stripe, but with very large waves.

Nuria Roca came from the hand of her husband, Juan del Val, and has left us with a look of ten. For her hair she also chose the loose mane with which she is

María Cortés attended with Nacho Fernandez and left a lookazo also with a very simple but very stylish dancer bun.

A medium collected with romantic touches was the hairstyle chosen by Patricia Noarbe who came from the hand of Marco Llorente.

Of course, Victoria Beckham He has been the main protagonists of this wedding guest catwalk by Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio who has chosen a bow effortless and sunglasses that prevented us from seeing makeup.

Virginia Troconis, the woman Manuel Díaz "El Cordobés", chose a fake bob ideal, breaking the general tonic of this wedding.

We loved the look of the woman from Julio Baptista, Silvia Nistal Calvo, a bun with a slight stripe to the middle and wet effect, a hairstyle with which it is assured that it will remain perfect all day, even with the heat.

The queue of Romarey Ventura, wife of Jordi Alba, very polished and with a line in the middle has convinced us a lot too.

Carla Barber attended with Ángel Ludena and has chosen a collection in the form of a ponytail combined with very original side braids.

Naty Abascal It was the only one we have seen with a headdress, which we had left over for a wedding at night, as it is, but being her, we forgive him.

Awesome Alice Campello, woman of Álvaro Morata, with a medium collected with side braids.

Singer Lorena Gomez He has opted for one of the hairstyles of pure tendency that is with loose mane, very smooth and polished, with a middle part behind the shoulders.

A wet pigtail was the look chosen by Elena Galera and he has succeeded fully.

The sister of the groom, Miriam Ramos has also chosen a top knot wet effect

And we finish with Pastori girl Very simple, with a polished bun with a middle stripe. We love the touch of metallic blue of your makeup in the area of underline