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I have 5 weddings this year: this is my selection of guest looks that seem more expensive than they are

When the wedding season approaches my bank account shakes. It seems as if weddings have become increasingly fashionable lately (at least in my group of friends) because every year the number of links marked on my calendar increases. Which means that, every year, the budget I use to looks of guest increases as well. And the bad thing is that I can rarely reuse the dresses because I almost always agree with the same people.

I am a great defender of investments in signature garments but I do not need to explain the great disbursement that each of the links to which my dear friends invite me invites. The wedding season is wonderful but it implies a bridal shower, a guest dress and a gift to the bride and groom at least. Sometimes you also have to add travel and stay in a hotel.

Therefore This year I decided to consciously make my purchases. I want to avoid storing clothes in the closet that I don't use again later. Is it the Marie Kondo effect?

If this sounds familiar to you, You may be interested in the clothes I have chosen as candidates for me look Perfect guest.

He look with bermuda pants suit

Youth Formula Jacket 41.99 euros and Young Formula shorts 29.99 euros

Satin dress

Zara dress 19.95 euros

The dress with bow

H&M dress 69.99 euros

The cross dress with pareo knot

H&M dress 34.99 euros

The arty shirt dress

Bimba and Lola dress 82 euros

The organza shirt that makes the look

Zara shirt 39.95 euros

The mini dress with romantic sleeves

& Otherstories dress 89 euros

The black lingerie set pant version

Zara pants 17.95 euros and Zara top 15.95 euros

The Kimono Dress

Asos dress 77.49 euros

The minimal dress

Two-tone Mango dress 29.99 euros

The pleated dress

Sfera dress 29.99 euros

Eastern monkey

Uterque monkey 129 euros

The long steamed dress that never fails

H&M dress 79.99 euros

When choosing what to finally stay with, I have decided to take advantage of the discounts and I will make sure that they are clothes and dresses that I want to wear again (not just to go to a wedding).

Video: Top 5 Wedding Guest Looks (January 2020).