Alessandro Michele's fantasy world for the Gucci Pre-Fall 2017 collection

Wonderful. Disturbing Striking. Bold Original.

We could spend hours (many, really) contributing adjectives to be able to describe with one word the Gucci's new Pre-Fall 2017 collection. And Alessandro Michele has achieved it again: be true to your style, overcome once more and leave everyone amazed at the same time that horrified - password for which we like this designer so much -.


If at this point in the post you are wondering what noses go through the mind of Alessandro Michele (Lallo for friends), you should follow his day to day. It's a bit strange - I don't have to say it - and that leaves kitsch With a rancid touch (although your clothes are very expensive) you get it by visiting stores vintage all over the planet Earth and approaching hidden churches in Italy. With that we should not be surprised without finding a look in the purest style crazy grandma wanting to march.

Like a wave…

Like a wave your love came into my life
Like a wave of fire and caresses
White foam and rumor of conch shells
Like a wave
And I caught your storm
I lost my helm without realizing it
Like a wave your love grew
Like a wave

Ok, after this tribute to Rocío Jurado it is necessary to emphasize the reason for his appointment. and it is that the Creative Director of Gucci enhances the tracksuit and combines it with heels, just as Rocío Jurado himself has been decades ago. In addition, the song perfectly reflects my feelings towards him ... (True love).

Sylvie, the star of the complements

If for several seasons the Dionysus bag has been viralized with its wonderful and bizarre editions, this collection wins the Sylvie bag. Designed to dress the most demanding fashionista, this model promises to give the bell this coming 2017.

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