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Karlie Kloss confesses and talks openly about her departure from Victoria's Secret and her relationship with the Trump family

This month, Karlie Kloss stars in the new cover of Vogue in its British edition, which is why they have not wanted to miss the opportunity to ask the model about some of the most interesting questions of her life, such as the decision to leave Victoria's Secret that caught us all by surprise, as well as his relationship with the family of Donald Trump.

The day Karlie Kloss hung her wings

The first years of Karlie Kloss's model career, without a doubt, were marked by being one of Victoria's Secret's angels, parading on her impressive catwalks.

But nevertheless, in 2015, The model decided it was time to leave the company and hang the wings. It is true that of that, the reason given for this exit was, mainly the impossibility of Karlie to fulfill all his commitments, always having the corporation in a special place in his heart, however the thing had more crumb.

And, precisely, it was that same year when he decided begin her studies of feminist theory at the University of New York, that would take two years, changing his vision completely of fashion. In fact, he also created Kode with Klossy, a camp for girls aged 13 to 18 in which they learn to program free code.

Now, four years after that decision, Karlie's real reasons come to take a different course in his career.

The reason I decided to stop working with Victoria's Secret is that I didn't feel that the image I was giving was who I really was and the kind of message I want to send to young women around the world about what it means to be beautiful didn't fit either . I think it was a crucial moment for me as a feminist, because I was able to make my own decisions and create my own story, either through the companies I work with or through the image that I am offering of myself to the world . Every time I look towards the last years of my adolescence and the beginning of my twenties, I think I was afraid of losing my job or losing my position if I said no to something, but I didn't lose any jobs. What happened to me was that the more I said what I felt, the more my classmates respected me. And I respected myself more. And now I have the peace of mind to feel proud and know that my speech is very powerful

Karlie Kloss's relations with Donald Trump's family

We already knew that Karlie Kloss was related to the Trump family, since her husband, Joshua Kushner is the brother of the husband of Ivanka, neither more nor less, circumstance that Recognize that it has been tough.

I choose to focus on the liberal values ‚Äč‚Äčthat I share with my husband, who are the same with those who raised me and have guided me throughout my life

For example, we could point out that the day Karlie and Joshua celebrated their second link, Ivanka and her husband attended the ceremony but not to the previous celebrations in which we saw the closest friends.

In addition, in the interview, he also addresses the change of religion and its conversion to Judaism decision he made for love ...

I made the decision for him, because I love him, but it was my own decision. This is my life and I am a strong and independent woman. After many years of studying and talking with my family and friends and my inner search was when I made the decision to fully adopt Judaism in my life and start planning a future with the man I chose to marry. Changing part of who you are for someone can be weak. But, if you've been through what I've experienced, you're really anything but weak. This has made me stronger, affectionate and resistant. I really didn't take this lightly

Without a doubt, we could say that this has been the most sincere and revealing interview that the model has left us throughout his career.