Ariana Grande tattooed the symbol that is joining the victims of the Manchester Arena

Since, just over two weeks ago, the Manchester Arena suffered the attack of jihadist terrorism, the signs of solidarity have not stopped repeating from all corners of the world. A good example is the concert that was held last Sunday. But not only the celebrities They have shown their pain for the twenty-three victims and the hundreds injured. Citizens were the first to go out and shout that love will overcome hatred and ensure that victims will not be forgotten. And one of the means they have used to honor all those who lost their lives at the Manchester Arena has been to tattoo a bee, a symbol that Ariana Grande will also carry forever on her skin.

The bee is a traditional symbol of Manchester's industrial past. In the hours after the attack on Manchester Arena, a movement of solidarity with the victims began to emerge in the city that led many people to tattoo this bee. The English media talked about queues of hundreds of people in the city's tattoo studios. People of all ages and backgrounds tattooed the symbol and many shared it on social networks under the hashtag #manchesterbee.

And when Ariana returned to Manchester for the tribute concert to the victims, she decided to join the swarm of solidarity bees. Although we have not yet been able to see it in images, it has been known that Ariana and all her team tattooed the bee in the Manchester Ink studio. One more show of the singer's solidarity with the victims of an attack that no one will ever forget, and that they have decided to wear forever engraved on their skin.

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