Stradivarius wants to conquer your closet before the sale season begins

Our pulse accelerates, the hands tremble at all hours and a chill runs through our entire body. What is happening to us? The sales They are just around the corner and we need a cold mind to reason before losing the papers. We do not know very well what strategy will follow Stradivarius in this age of discounts, but this is your new lookbook. Will we find these pieces for much less?

Dresses and flowers, who needs anything else?

Flowers are always a good option, especially when temperatures are at the highest and the sun shines brightly. The dresses are one of the favorite garments and the Spanish firm does not hesitate to present different models to conquer your heart more fashionist.

Cowboy Territory

We know that the cowboy fabric is the king of the season (since the last ten years all eternity) and in this new collection we find basic pieces to form the perfect summer closet.

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