Lucasfilm launches a project to honor all the heroines of the Star Wars saga

The franchise of Star wars He has always boasted of having great female characters. Heroines that broke all established, strong and independent schemes and have done a lot for feminism, even in a world such as fantasy and science fiction, which has always been dominated by the male point of view.

Now Lucasfilm go one step further and launch a series of short films starring our favorite heroines to go mouthing until the premiere of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, which we can see on the cinema screens as of December 15, 2017,

The series of shorts will be broadcast under the name of The Forces of Destiny and for now we know that the first episode will be titled Sands of Jakku and he will be starring Rey (in the film played by Daisly Ridley and lending his voice to this project) and by his inseparable robot friend BB-8. Here you can see a preview.

But Rey is not going to be the only hero who leaves his mark on the new generation. As announced by the company there will be more episodes in this series dedicated to more female characters in the series, such as Yyn, the protagonist of Rogue one and played on the big screen by actress Felicity Jones, and Princess Leia, who will be voiced by Shelby Young after the sad disappearance of Carrie Fisher. In total, they are talking about 16 different stories that will take place in different places and times of the Star Wars universe.

The president of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, who has been involved in this project from the beginning, commented that "Star Wars: Forces of Destiny It is for anyone who was inspired by Leia's heroism, King's bravery, Ahsoka's tenacity ... We are very excited that some of the original actors give voice to their characters in these animated shorts, which will capture the little ones Moments and everyday decisions that made these characters who they are today. It is a new and entertaining way for people to experience Star wars"And he added that" for many years one of the most important things for Star wars is that young children could grow and identify a little with their characters. "

Great news for all a new generation of women They deserve to have their female characters reference and grow with them. The Forces of Destiny It opens this July.

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