Confirmed! These are the actors that will play Aladdin and Jasmine. The controversy is served

The great plan of Disney continues in march: to make reissues of meat and bone of all its classics. And seeing how they worked well The jungle book Y Beauty and the Beast, we will understand. Aladdín is next in the inkwell, and his characters already have actors who interpret them. Aladdin and Jasmine have been found, and not everyone is happy with their choice.

Disney has long since announced its intention to turn its animated film into a meat and bone musical. However, its director Guy Ritchie has had some problems in finding the casting of the film. Among its conditions was the one the actors were "with Middle Eastern features". And finally, he has found them.

The great bet of the producer for the role of Aladdin will be Mena Massoud, a Canadian actor of Egyptian origin with very little experience in the world of Hollywood. Something that has enchanted the public, given its Arabic origin and its features according to the protagonist of the story. Will Smith will be the genie of the lamp (there is no genius so great), a role that comes to his hair. Y Naomi Scott has signed to play Jasmine, something that has sparked the controversy On twitter.

Naomi Scott is not a rookie in this of flesh and bone versions of animated classics. He already played the Power ranger Rosa in the last bet of superheroes. And he liked it, he liked it a lot. It is not now the case in her role as Disney Princess. And is that She has Indian ancestry, not from the Middle East. And that has not enchanted in social networks, which are divided into two groups: some defend their choice because the film Aladdin Original is centered on an area that covers part of India, so it would be legitimate.

for everyone saying naomi isn't the perfect fit bc she isn't arab #AladdinCasting #aladdin pic.twitter.com/gGdvZXdD6b

- maira 💞 (@mairugh) July 16, 2017

"For all who say that Naomi is not perfect because it is not Arabic: first, Aladdin was originally Chinese. Disney made it Arabic, but due to his ignorance about Arab culture, he was mixed with Indian influences. The palace looks like Taj Majal, who is an Indian, the sultan looks more like a maharaja, and the sultans also existed in India, search Google for "sultan" and only Indian people will come out. Jasmine did not dress like a traditional Arab woman. They cover her body But to show the navel is Indian tradition. Jasmine has a Bengal tiger named Rajah, which only exist in South Asia. And Rajah is the Hindu word for "king." There are also many women in the original movie who wear the bindi painted on the forehead. So yes, Aladdin has Indian influences. And I love that they have chosen an actress with Indian ancestry so that all influences are represented. "

Agrabah was actually based off Agra in India and Baghdad in Iraq so they are right in choosing a lead of Indian heritage

- Rafio (@desvict) July 16, 2017

"Arabah is really based in the city of Agra in India and Baghdad in Iraq. So they do well by choosing a protagonist with an Indian heritage."

Others think that hiring her for her dark skin tone makes the wrong myth that all people with this skin tone are equal, eliminating important cultural differences.

Us: So Disney casted a white non Arab as Jasmine in Aladdin?
Fake woke twitter: No Naomi is 1/2 Indian
Us: But that's still not Arab
FWT: pic.twitter.com/N8hmgovBck

- Eman (@ferrarswarner) July 15, 2017

"- So Disney has chosen a girl who is not Arab for the role of Jasmine in Aladdin. - No, Naomi is 1/2 Indian. - But that is not Arabic."

at least they casted mena massoud who is arab but they couldn't finish the job and cast an arab jasmine pic.twitter.com/BJdYdctI8R

- hra (@michelIesjones) July 15, 2017

"At least they have chosen Mena Massoud who is Arab, but they could not finish the job and choose an Arab Jasmine."

Be that as it may, the roles are assigned and they will be the new stars of Aladdin. A film that raises many passions among the fans of the producer and won two Oscars. Will they live up to it? There is no release date yet, but we will have to wait to see if it meets expectations.

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