Famous Fashion

It seems that the yellow color is Selena Gomez's favorite, will it be yours too?

If in spring the pink color was the protagonist, this summer the yellow intends to take on all the prominence. More and more fashion victims are seen with this color and Selena Gomez herself has shown her interest in him. Look at your proposals and imitate it the hottest days of this season.

What option do you stay with?

There is an urban legend that says that the yellow color brings a bad omen to artists when they go on stage, but Selena ignores all that and demonstrates that this hue is perfect for dressing in the video of her latest single Fetish. Whether with a Simone Rocha valued at more than 1,500 euros or with a long lingerie dress, this color is perfect for the occasion.

Achieve the same effect with garments low cost

  • Asymmetrical dress with flounce from Boohoo Petite, 24.99 euros.
  • New Look evening dress with bow detail, 31.99 euros.
  • Asymmetric dress in plumeti fabric by Asos Petite, 58.99 euros.