And after a day of the sun, we tried the Bio Enzymes mask of Talika

The summers in the north do not always ensure an intense day of sun on the beach since time does not always allow it, however when a good day comes, it is worth 100. So, yesterday I was able to take advantage to give me a good session from the beach and, when you get home, what better time to be able to try the Talika Bio Enzymes mask in its After Sun version.

As they tell us from Talika, it is a mask that is capable of soothe and refresh the heated face thanks to its biocellulose, an ultrapure nanofiber inspired by the enzymatic fermentation of coconut water, whose 3D structure retains a high dose of active ingredients and optimizes its diffusion in the skin.

That biocellulose combines a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, water-capturing sugars, chamomile and arnica, with which the epidermis can absorb the equivalent of one month of serum (20 g).

As for my experience it was fantastic. As I say, I spent all day at the beach, so I was exposed to the sun all day. After a very comforting shower, I applied this mask with which My skin felt calm, much more fresh and hydrated.

It is a tissue mask to use, but much more chubby than I've used other times. It has a lot of product (so much that it almost slips) and is gradually absorbed by the skin of the face. Of course, as usually happens with these masks, you scare a little, things as they are (a few jokes made me, with which I laughed a lot).

It is recommended use it for 15-30 minutes, so I opted for the second option since it turned out so nice that I wanted to prolong that moment.

Once removed, the product is absorbed quickly, leaving no sticky feeling (which has happened to me with others), and with the skin cool and calm, as I commented. Further, today when I got up, the skin felt juicy, very very hydrated and looking rested, so the experience has been great, I definitely recommend using it.

Come on, the icing on the cake for a fantastic day. Its price is € 7.90, more than reasonable and to repeat.

This product was provided for testing by Talika. You can check our company relations policy for more information.

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