What a surprise! Rossy de Palma launches her own makeup collection with MAC

Curious but true, the truth is that we did not expect this collaboration, but it cannot be better received because, at first glance, it is a true past, especially very transgressive, although we could not expect less from the union between Rossy de Palma and MAC creating a new makeup collection.

A collection that qualify as surrealist, colorist and even dadaist thanks to the Picasian beauty of Rossy de Palma. A collection that attracts attention inside and out, since the packaging has 3D images, holographic, which do not leave anyone indifferent as you can see in the first images that have already been cast on Instagram ...

The collection

And how could it be otherwise, we go to see more closely the pieces that this great collection leaves us that promises a lot, a lot, starting with the lipsticks. As you can see in the gallery, we have four new lipsticks, with this own design, and in four spectacular tones:

  • Frenzy, which is what you have on the lines, a coral red.
  • Rossy, A pink shade that throws violet.
  • Self Esteem, a bright red
  • Phenomenal Woman, An intense beautiful garnet.

Likewise, they also bring us a lipstick palette with three shades They can give us a tremendous game.

As shadows we have a five-tone eyeshadow palette Very bright, ranging from blue to fuchsia tones, through an intense black with a lot of glitter.

Although we also have a eyeshadow palette with two unique shades Basic: one white and one black.

Let us not miss one face contouring palette because, despite what it may seem, the contouring is not yet dead.

There is no lack of finishing powders to mattify the face and avoid unwanted glare.

Two shades of blusher, an intense fuchsia and a redder tone.

In addition to a lot of glitter, a red and a blue shade to create the most daring and colorful looks.

And, last but not least, we have some false eyelashes Maybe they are the ones I like most of all I've seen. I don't usually use them but they convince me a lot, a lot.

We still have no release date for the collection, but we are looking forward to it soon because it deserves to be seen more closely and, perhaps, chop into some of its fantastic products.

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