Street style

These are the 4 favorite shades to wear a suit-pants, do you dare to make a difference at work?

What do I wear today?

That is the question that sounds in the minds of many people every morning at face your closet and have to choose a outfit for go to the office. The suit-pants are usually the best option but sometimes the monotony tires (and saturates). Today we look at the street style from Fashion Weeks and in his blazer sets + tweezers pants in striking and different shades. There is four colors that stand out above others and we don't mean black, gray or navy blue. Do you know what we are talking about?

The blue sky can accompany you at all hours

Although it may seem strange and unlikely, the sky blue wins by a win and becomes the favorite color to step on the street. Whether combined with electric blue blouses or white shirts, this tone becomes an option to consider.

Raise passions with the color red

It is possible that the red color in this type of sets is not a novelty, but it does become a good option if what we want is to make a difference without needing to be extremely original.

Rose life

The color pink (be millennial or not) it has been, is and will be one of the shades of this 2017, so the pantsuit in this color becomes a very good option.

If you want something more demure choose the cream color

For all those who want to break the monotony of gray / black / navy, the cream color comes to make a difference. From the Paris Fashion Week we get this style that can inspire more than one.

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