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Amaia wears a Dolores Promesas costume in the first Eurovision Semifinal

The colored suits they are one of the star trends of the season in the streetstyle Y Amaia knows how to wear it a red design for the first Eurovision semifinal. Spain will only participate in the final, but for now we see how Almaia they enjoy as spectators the first Eurovision performances once the rehearsals are finished.

Amaia has chosen a red tuxedo suit, a very powerful tone, cheerful and strong, and makes it very youthful thanks to the white sneakers with rainbow platform Hogan, his Maxi H222 model that costs 440 euros, and the striped shirt he wears under the suit.

A very informal and easy to copy look, since it is a tuxedo suit what will you find in Dolores Promises Heaven (€ 495) and it has many low cost versions in stores.

Amaia will perform on stage on Saturday of the grand finale wearing the beautiful dress of Teresa Helbig that already premiered in rehearsals, and in the meantime we see a more casual version of the singer.

In Jared | This is the dress that Amaia will wear for the Eurovision 2018 gala, signed by Teresa Helbig and another famous Spanish woman already has it

Video: Eurovisión 2018. Amaia y Alfred, felices e ilusionados en la alfombra azul de Lisboa (January 2020).