Lola Indigo transforms into a diva in the purest JLo style in the second gala of OT 2018

Second parts were not always good, and although the first gala was spectacular (despite the painful performance of Aitana, for which he came to apologize), this second round after the gala zero has been full of sound failures, mediocre performances pulling bad and an MA-RA-VI-LLO-SA Lola Indigo who left us the best moment of the night, definitely.

Mimi was dressed as a diva: Ariana Grande musketeer boots, bralette black, Versace set with Animal Print (very similar to JLo) and María Pascual's jewels; and showed that, despite having been the first expelled from the previous edition of OT, its squad girl Lola Indigo is much more than we expected.

Powerful, dancing with so much energy and flow that gave us goosebumps, and with a numerazo that not only he set the set, but to half of Spain and all of Twitter.

Hurricane. Typhoon. Tsunami. The wig in the earth's core of the earthquake. LOLA INDIGO. //t.co/DuhzdEb7qi

- Brays Efe (@braysefe) October 4, 2018

An incredible choreography, the single more catchy than those who have left the OT 2017 edition and a brutal rollazo. This is Lola Indigo, and this was demonstrated by her performance that was not without controversy. Julia Gómez Cora, member of the jury last night, said in the assessments to the contestants that Mimi "is not a dancer, but she believes it", despite the fact that the Andalusian participated not only in OT but in Fame (in fact the group is entirely of participants in the talent show dance), something that set the nets on fire and Mimi replied like this:

lady if I wasn't a dancer I couldn't do what I just did

- Lola Indigo (@lolaindigomusic) October 3, 2018

This second gala, loaded with sound failures, left Dave and Africa as nominees already Alfonso as first expelled of this edition OT 2018.

Miki and Alba Reche offered one of the best performances of the night (she eclipsed the audience with her wonderful voice) with My soul by Natalia Lafourcade. Both wonderful, but her broken voice gave us goosebumps to more than one.

Marta's performance and Natalia, who turned out to be the public's favorite contestant, He had the most outfits cool of the night (mini dress Animal Print of Guess for the first and set of cowboy culotte with black fringed top and bare shoulders) and both demonstrated with Chained love Be two of the women with the greatest projection within the academy.

I wish and all the contestants end up being like Mimi, because he female strength what he showed last night It can only be defined in one way: it is already a diva. For our part we are listening I don't want na anymore in loop and yes, we declare ourselves super fans of Lola Indigo and her girl power in the purest JLo style.

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