19 Netflix, HBO, Movistar + and Amazon Prime movies perfect to feed your Christmas spirit

Christmas warms engines on the platforms of streaming, and we are many who have already put the tree, bought our dress with brilli brilli for New Year's Eve and placed the socks so that neither Santa Claus nor the Kings get lost. That is why it is time for the marathon of Christmas movies on television to begin, both the classic ones and the novelties that the streaming platforms bring us. We teach you the best Christmas movies of 2018 from Netflix, HBO, Movistar + and Amazon Prime Video so that the Christmas spirit possesses you completely.

Princess change

The protagonists, a Chicago baker and a future princess, are so similar that they could go through the same person. That's why the princess plans impersonate each other during Christmas. The two accept, but soon discover that it will not be as simple as they expected.

In the style of You to London and I to California from Lindsay Lohan, Princess change, the new thing about Netflix that opens on November 16, has as absolute protagonist Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical), and has come to surprise us this Christmas.

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Something to remember

Sam Baldwin, a widowed architect, is tricked by his eight-year-old son to tell his story on a radio show. One of the thousands of women who listen to him and are enchanted by his charm is Annie Reed, a young journalist who is about to get married. He decides to date women again, and she doubts what love is.

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan star Something to remember, an emblematic 90's romantic comedy set in the Christmas season and has a lot of love.

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Christmas Chronicles

Christmas Chronicles will be released on November 22, and tells the story of Kate and Teddy, two brothers who end up sneaking into Santa's sleigh to record him with his camera. Christmas is about to load, but soon they will form an alliance with him so that everything follows the planned course.

Kurt Russell playing Santa Claus? If you thought you saw it all, you still hadn't discovered Christmas on Netflix.

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Polar express

Tom Hanks He is the machinist of Polar Express, a train that arrives at a child's home at Christmas to make his dreams come true. Polar express it's a movie of Robert Zemeckis, nominated for three Oscars, and was the first to shoot completely in performance capture, an animation system that captures the actor's movements and transforms them into animated images in three dimensions. A lot of snow and magic in this adaptation of the book "The Polar Express" by Chris Van Allsburg.

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The Grinch

In the town of Villaquién everyone celebrates Christmas except the Grinch, a grumpy and hairy being who lives on top of the mountain and whose only company is a dog. A sweet girl will try to find out why the Grinch hates Christmas parties.

Whether you hate Christmas or love it, The Grinch It is one of the funniest choices for this time of year. This comedy, where Jim Carrey It shines with its peculiar humor, was an Oscar winner in 2001 and has a new animated version in theaters.

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Christmas calendar

Bradley Walsh's new movie is a Netflix original production and tells the story of a photographer in a bad run (Kat Graham) that inherits an old advent calendar whose content seems to have the ability to predict the future.

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The gremlins

It's Christmas and Ram Pelzer (Hoyt Axton), goes into a city's Chinatown in search of the perfect gift for his son Billy (Zach Galligan). There he finds Gizmo, a lovely Mogwai whose care demands a lot of responsibility: it should not give the bright light, it should not be in contact with water and, as much as it cries, never, never, can eat after midnight. The problem is that it will not be as easy to fulfill as it seems.

For my part, I can't imagine a Christmas without Gizmo, the personified tenderness. A lot of humor, action and Christmas touch that make The gremlins a fantastic movie classic Perfect to enjoy on these dates.

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Christmas inheritance

Ellen (Eliza Taylor), is the irresponsible heiress of a great emporium of the gift industry. To teach him a lesson, his father decides that in exchange for receiving his Christmas gift, Ellen must travel incognito to deliver the traditional Christmas letter to his uncle Zeke, his father's strange partner. Christmas Heritage it is a “light romantic drama” and it was one of the Netflix bets for the past Christmas. This year is also available for the laggards who did not see it, or for those who did and want to repeat it.

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Home alone

When the McCallisters leave for Paris to spend the Christmas holidays, they forget a small detail: their son Kevin is not with them on the plane. For the little one it is wonderful news, he will finally be able to do everything his parents forbid him, until a couple of thieves try to steal at home. Home alone is the american comedy which transformed its protagonist Macaulay Culkin into a star and is ideal for the Christmas spirit to finally enter you.

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A Christmas prince

Amber (Rose McIver) is a young journalist who must cover at Christmas the succession of the throne of the controversial Prince Richard (Ben Lamb) in the small kingdom of Aldovia. After a disastrous press conference, Amber decides to sneak into the royal palace to try to get something exclusive. There she will be confused with Martha, Princess Emily's new teacher (Honor Kneafsey). Amber will get to know the prince better during the days that pass until the succession ceremony, disputed by Count Simon (Theo Devaney), cousin of the heir and second in the line of succession.

A prince for Christmas It was the most popular last Christmas Netflix. This original production of the giant of streaming It is according to Espinof, a guilty pleasure. Are you going to resist this Christmas romance? And if you fall in love, Netflix also has the second part, A Christmas prince: The royal wedding.

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In a small Spanish city, a charitable Christmas campaign is invented for rich families with the motto "Dine with a poor". To participate in the ride they organize they hire Plácido (Cassen), an honest worker, and their motorcar. He accepts, but just that day he wins a letter to pay for the vehicle and begins to fight with banks, notaries and rich people who will do nothing to prevent the embargo of their only way of life.

A classic among classics. Luis Garcia Berlanga immerses us in more traditional Spain with a 1961 comedy who became nominated for the Oscar for Best Non-English-speaking film.

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Bad Santa 2

Driven by cheap whiskey and greed, Willie Stokes (Billy Bob Thornton) again teams up with his partner Marcus (Tony Cox), to plan a robbery on Christmas Eve. The entity chosen this time is a Chicago charity led by Diane (Christina Hendricks), a woman with a heart of gold and a steel libido. The band is joined by Sunny Soke (Kathy Bates), which raises the ambition level of the band, while lowering the standards of criminal behavior.

After the success of Bad santa, Billy Bob Thornton repeats in his role as Willie Soke, the most irreverent Santa Claus in cinema. This Christmas comedy is acidic, satirical and very funny, and the most hooligan choice of this list.

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Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack is the king of Halloween City. He monitors the macabre delights, chills and surprises that are exported to the real world, but he's bored of that routine. One day, by accident, Jack stumbles upon an entrance to the City of Christmas and is ecstatic with the colors, toys and joy he sees. Obsessed with the idea of take control of Christmas, convinces his subjects to help him supplant Santa.

I remember as if it was yesterday when I went to the movies being a girl to see this Tim Burton's animated film. I flipped so much with Jack and with this gothic Christmas story, that even today I have a doll of him dressed as Santa Claus on the shelf in my living room. The perfect mix between Christmas and Halloween It has a name and is Nightmare Before Christmas.

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Just friends

Chris (Ryan Reynolds) He is a good boy, although a little bit of a barbecue. On graduation day, the Institute decides to arm himself with courage and confess his love to Jamie (Amy Smart), but she loves him ... just as a friend. Ten years later, Chris has become an attractive and promising music producer. His success with women has made him forget his failure with Jamie. Or at least that's what he believes. The tour with pop star Samantha James (Anna Faris), forces him to stop in his old town at Christmas. In spite of himself, he is going to meet his family, his friends ... and Jamie.

If you have seen Deadpool you will know that Ryan Reynolds has a wonderful comic look. And this romantic comedy So Christmas is another demonstration of that humorous talent. Casual and snowy, Just friends It is perfect to see after a binge of polvorones and lower those extra calories with laughter.

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Crystal jungle

Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) decides to travel to Los Angeles at Christmas, loaded with gifts, to try to rebuild his family life. Upon arriving at his wife's office, Holly ignores what Gruber and a dozen terrorists plan to: seal the building and take the employees hostage. But McClane has not been seen, and now, only with a weapon and his courage and cunning, he must break the plan of the assailants.

Crystal jungle It is the Christmas movie with more action (and the best according to some) that you will find for these dates. Why at Christmas you may also like bullets, punches and American heroes.

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Living is beautiful

George Bailey (James Stewart) is an honest citizen who has always sacrificed himself for others. He runs a small family bank, despite the attempts of a powerful banker to ruin him and overwhelmed by the disappearance of a significant sum of money, he decides to commit suicide. But then Clarence (Henry Travers) appears, a second-class angel who is sent to Earth with the mission of deterring him, and thus earning his wings. For it, shows him what would have been the life of those around him if he had not existed.

This Frank Capra classic, based on the story of The Greatest Gift Philip Van Doren Stern, is the typical movie to see yours hugged while a tear runs down your cheek. We all influence the lives of others, although sometimes we think not, and Living is beautiful It is perfect to remind us that we are important.

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The Day of the Beast

A priest (Alex Angle) believes he has deciphered the secret message of the Apocalypse according to Saint John: Antichrist will be born on December 25, 1995 in Madrid. To prevent the birth of the son of Satan, the priest allies with Joseph Mary (Santiago Segura), a young death metal fan. Both try to find out where in Madrid the apocalyptic event will take place. With the help of Professor Cavan (Armando de Razza), host of an esoteric and supernatural television show, the priest and José María invoke the devil in a strange ceremony.

Alex of the Church sign this film, the most satanic and sinister of our Christmas list, which it's a mix of comedy, terror and thriller. The day of the beast took six Goya awards, including Best Director, and brings the touch more grunge to your cinephile Christmas.

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A father in trouble

Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is one of those parents who usually spends little time at home with his family. When Christmas approaches, he promises his son that he will have the best gift in the world, the fashion superhero doll, Turboman. When Howard wants to realize, Christmas Day is just around the corner and he has not worried at all about buying the desired toy. Now he is sold out in all the shopping centers and his only hope is the raffle of a local radio.

We could not leave out Arnold Schwarzenegger and his odyssey looking for the gift of his son, Jake Lloyd (Anakin in the saga of Star wars). This time Terminator it will not pull force or weapons, but humor in a classic Christmas comedy.

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Love actually

Did you really think we wouldn't include Love actually on a list of Christmas movies? For 15 years we have not imagined a Christmas without it. It is all that the Christmas spirit should be: it is loaded with love, tenderness, gifts, snow, friendship and family. It's really funny, sweet and It has become a Christmas tradition as important as eating the grapes at the end of the year.

Eight stories that intersect in a cast of those who fall in love. Hugh Grant, Martine McCutcheon, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Martin Freeman, Keira Knightley, Andrew Lincoln, Liam Neeson or Bill Nighy are some of the familiar faces of this British romantic comedywho fell in love with us from day one. Love actually it's Christmas, no more no less.

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