Kardashian Christmas fever: this is how her looks and the most controversial congratulations have been

Every December 24 the Kardashian organize one of their iconic and lush parties. This year the event was run by Kim, who has not hesitated to create a winter paradise full of snow and glamor. Of course, the five sisters have boasted bright outfits, which has left the controversy of Christmas greeting in the background for fans. This has been Kardashian Christmas.

With their particular Christmas epic decoration, the Kardashian has turned their house in Calabasas into a winter wonderland who has not lacked neither snow nor snowy fir trees. Of course, nobody wanted to miss the party, with guests like Jennifer Lopez, Sia, Paris Hilton, John Legend or Alex Rodriguez. A VIP list that deserves looks unforgettable Said and done: that's how the five sisters have dressed.

Kim Kardashian has opted for a low-cut satin dress, which she has combined with reflective sneakers. Meanwhile, Khloé has opted for a look with croptop and very voluminous tulle skirt. For its part, Kylie has chosen a design full of embellishemt to match with his daughter Stormi, to shine from space. The three in total white with brilli-brilli very consistent with the theme of the party.

Kendall and Kourtney have taken their feet out of the pot, with much more personal and particular styles. The older sister has chosen a mini dress very low cut in black, one of her fetish colors. But it is the super model that has surprised most, with this beautiful lime green bardot neckline design reminiscent of anti-Christmas Grinch. Is that the reason I am not in the congratulation of 2018?

There is no Christmas without a picture of the entire Kardashian family. Or, at least, of the five most popular sisters in the world. This year has been no exception: in rigorous white they have posed from left to right: Mason, Dream, True, Khloé, Penelope, Kourtney, Reign, Kylie, Stormi, Kim, Chicago, North and Saint. That is, four sisters and the new generation of Kardashian, including Rob's daughter. But there is no trace of Kendall anywhere. What happened?

Following the publication of the photo, followers of the Kardashian family burst into questions and elucidations about what had happened to Kendall, raising much controversy and doubt. But Khloé quickly explained that "Kendall was in the photoshoot and decided not to appear in the photo because he thought that It would be prettier if only babies and their moms came out"Something that the young woman top model It has not taken long to remedy with funny photo-montages.

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