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How to know the ring size in three different ways

Now that we are in a time of gifts, it is a common question if you want to buy or buy someone a ring. What ring size do I wear? What ring size should I give to someone else? There are up to three different ways to check the ring size we use, you just have to choose the one that is easier for you to succeed with your purchase.

How to know the size of the ring with a sewing meter

If you have a tape measure, you can easily measure the circumference of your finger with it. So you can know the length of the circumference.

How to know the size of the ring with a ruler

If you have a rigid ruler, you only have to cut a strip of paper 2 cm wide, surround your finger with it, marking how much the circumference measures and then checking that measure of the paper in the ruler. here is the equivalence table between length and ring size, and if you have any doubts you can always use this very practical Rabat cutout.

How to know the size of the ring by measuring the inner circumference

You only need to take a ring that you have at home and that fits you well, and you can measure the internal diameter with a ruler. It should be measured at the widest place in the ring and by the inner edge. You can also place it on top of this diameter table which indicates the size equivalent to that measure.

Things to consider to measure ring size

The thickness of our fingers can change between the left and the right hand, and the measurement can vary greatly if we are hot or cold or if our fingers swell throughout the day. For these reasons, it is convenient to take the measurements at a standard time, and take them on the finger in which we are going to wear the ring, leaving it better somewhat loose than too tight.

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