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The influencers already have the garment of the season and you can also wear it: 15 blazers full of style

The blazer have become the fetish pledge of influencers in the NYFW. The Americans are ideal for this time of year and can be combined in a thousand different ways. Without a doubt, the blazer is the jacket of the moment. You can wear it with a miniskirt, with jeans, with a belt, over the shoulders, for party outfits ... We select the best blazer jacket of the season so you can wear them from now on.
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From 599 to 1,000 euros. These seven coats are not from Chanel or Balmain: Massimo Dutti stands out from the low cost market

Massimo Dutti has always been the exception that confirms the rule of the Inditex empire. In front of other brands of the company that look for the trend and fast-fashion, Massimo Dutti has positioned itself in the timeless style. Is this reason sufficient to justify these prices? Movements like these make Massimo Dutti move further and further away from Zara and other low-cost Inditex firms.
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Mark yourself a "Jenner" and get your underwear up to your belly button

In a matter of underwear and ways of wearing it, everyone owns and lords what they do with it. However, this season we have a new trend in underwear that comes from the hand of the Jenner sisters: climbing the panties at waist level. And no, we are not talking about high waist models, but of normal and current designs that go up to the navel as did the beach watchers in the 90s.
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